How Many Meals / Servings Per Bag?

You get 15 meals / servings in every bag.

Our serving sizes are really big! Each serving is 2 heaping scoops of powder (Vanilla = 60g, Chocolate = 62g) mixed with 12-14 fl. oz. of water.

There's a scooper inside each bag, although sometimes you have to dig for it!

Here's a breakdown of all the details by flavor:


2 Scoops = 2.12 oz / 60 g per serving. Total Bag Net Weight = 31.8 oz. / 900 g


2 Scoops = 2.19 oz. / 62 g per serving. Total Bag Net Weight = 32.8 oz. / 930 g

What Are The Ingredients?

Our goal is to provide the cleanest, most nutrient-dense meal imaginable.

So you get all your essentials: Protein, Fiber, Greens, Antioxidants, Omega 3s, Adaptogens, Probiotics, MCTs, Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, and more - All-In-One!

And without any compromises: Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Colors, and No Preservatives.

How Many Calories Are In Each Serving?

There are 240 calories in every 2-scoop serving of Ka'Chava—enough for a small meal or a more sizable snack.

Our goal is to maximize the calorie-to-satiety ratio in Ka’Chava by optimizing levels of protein (25 g), fiber (9 g), and healthy fats (7 g)—three key nutrients that help control hunger—so you feel full longer without excess calories.

Unlike some other powders, you don't need to add extra ingredients (and thus, calories) to make Ka’Chava taste good. It contains dried coconut milk, so water and some ice are enough to make it thick and creamy.